Install English firmware to Chinese version Yi Car WiFi DVR Camera

Xiao Yi car DVR dash camcorder is a nice budget car DVR from a Chinese company Xiao Mi. There are two version of Xiao Yi car dash cam available in the Market. One is Chinese version, with suction cup mount, Chinese menu, and Chinese voice. There other one is the international version. with adhesive mount, English menu, and voice. The design and video quality are the same except one with suction cup and the other one with adhesive mount. If you bought a Chinese version from eBay or you like the suction cup version, you can covert the firmware to International version by following this guide. All menu will become English and the advanced driver assistance systems will have English prompts.

Here are the steps,

1. Create a blank file and name it “engmode”, no file extension.

2. Copy the first 14 characters of the serial number from the menu or label on the bottom of the camera, save as SN.txt. (you will have problem connecting the cam using mobile app if you have more or less than 14 characters in this step)

3. Open SN.txt, find and change the letter “CN” to “US” in the serial number. For example: ******CN****** to ******US******

4. Copy two files engmode and SN.txt to your SD card.

5. Insert the SD card back into the camera and power it on.

6. Once you see the engineering menu, select number 8 - exit.

7. Go into the settings menu and select factory reset.

8. Once it reboots, select number 8 to exit ENG mode again and enter the settings menu and check if your serial number shows “US” and all other characters match the original serial number.

9. If all good, power off the dash cam, download the firmware from :\_en.html

10. Check the file you download, it should be FWCARC10.bin and size around ~ 9.3M. It you got smaller file, unzip the file use 7zip or other unarchiver you have.

11. Copy FWCARC10.bin from step 10 to your SD card, insert the card back to your dash cam.

12. Power on the cam and it should start updating the firmware. Status light should flash when flashing firmware.

13. once finished, accept all prompts. Format the card and reset your cam.

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