Asus Z87-A MacOS high sierra upgrade prepare with clover

This guide is for upgrading your system from previous version to high sierra 10.13.x. For how to prepare USB installation kit, check here: Install Mac OS X with clover EFI bootloader on ASUS Z87a Masos Highsierra

First, add driver support to APFS.

Upgrading to high sierra will automatically cover HFS+ file system to APFS. Without the driver, clover will not able to boot to high sierra. What is APFS? APFS is the Apple File System. It was introduced at WWDC 2016 and, starting this year, it will replace the existing HFS+ file system on Apple Watch, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iMac, and Mac Pro. apfs.efi for 10.13.2 If you already have apfs.edi in your clover driver folder and want to upgrade it to the version that match your system. You can follow below step. 1. Boot into macOS High Sierra 2. open terminal 3. type

open /usr/standalone/i386/

4. Copy apfs.efi to /Volumes/EFI/EFI/CLOVER/drivers64UEFI/

Second, upgrade your kexts

Make sure you have updated version of kext for the new system. AppleALC.kext - enabling native macOS HD audio. FakeSMC.kext - an open source SMC device driver/emulator. Lilu.kext - open source kernel extension bringing a platform for arbitrary kext, library, and program patching throughout the system for macOS. IntelGraphicsFixup.kext - kernel extension for Lilu

  • Fixes PAVP freezes on Intel video (HD 4000/4400/4600), Sky Lake and Kaby Lake Graphics
  • Fixes boot logo on all known Intel Graphics starting with HD4000, (via frame buffer reset or via restoring video memory content)
  • Fixes display initialization issues for Sky Lake & Kaby Lake

RealtekRTL8111.kext - Realtek RTL8111 Network Driver. USB_Series8_Injector.kext - inject USB ports Asus Z87-A motherboard (Specifically modified for Z87-A with iMac14,2 SMBIOS, will not work with other SMBIOS without changing code. Not tested with other board) - no update needed for future update unless Apple make significant change to their code for USB port.

Third, raise USB Port limit


Comment: Change 15 port limit to 24 in XHCI kext 10.13
Find: 837D8C10
Replace: 837D8C1B

Now you are good to go with the upgrade just like upgrading a real Mac.

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