4 Must-Have iPhone apps for college students

When you correcting all your Back to School needs, don’t forget your iPhone needs to be prepared to help set you up for a success and be more productive than ever. Here are some apps which make for a great companion for studying.

1. Your Personal Scheduling Assistant: iStudiez

iStudiez is on the list of: 2011 Best College Student App 2010 Best Young Adults App for iPad! 2010 Best Parenting App for iPad! 2009 Best App Ever Award Winner in Education category! iStudiez can help you:

  • organize your schedule;
  • follow up with your homework;
  • summarize it up for you;
  • track your grade or GPA;
  • keep you alert;
  • guard your data.

Istudiez Pro You can add your schedule to make sure you never miss a class or recitation with many support modes for semesters, trimesters, and more. You can track your assignments in only a few taps and set up notifications for study time or due dates so you make sure everything is ready for when you get to class. Are you a student surviving high school, college or university epoch? If you have a heavy course load or typically have trouble delegating time to different assignments, get iStudiez Pro. Download iStudiez Lite from Apple App Store Download iStudiez Pro from Apple App Store ($2.99)

2. Your portable scanner: Camscanner

Quickly scan documents of all kinds and auto-optimize the scans quality using its unique technology. Camscanner Auto With Camscanner, you can easily send document scans to colleagues via email or the cloud and say goodbye to running between your desk and the printer. The most cool thing about Camscanner is you can use your iPhone scan multiple pages at once. All pages will be processed with amazing result. You can even reedit the scanned pages if you don’t satisfy with the result. There are a lot of apps can do similar process like camscanner, but camscanner is the only app (so far) allow user to re-edit the image after the image saved. Enable your apps to digitalize paper documents with cutting-edge image processing technologies. Camscanner Download CamScanner Free from Apple App Store Download CamScanner + PDF Document Scanner and OCR from Apple App Store ($1.99) Download CamScanner Pro from Apple App Store ($4.99)

3. Your cloud notebook: Evernote

Evernote can help you:

  • Organize your daily projects
  • Keep everything together
  • Sync across all devices

Evernote Clip web articles, capture handwritten notes, and snap photos to keep the physical and digital details of your projects with you at all times. Download Evernote Free from Apple App Store

4. Bring Word, Excel and PowerPoint to anywhere: Microsoft Office Mobile

Microsoft Office Mobile is the official Office companion optimized for iPhone. You can access, view and edit your Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint documents from virtually anywhere. Microsoft Office Mobile With Microsoft Office Mobile you can:

  • Access documents from virtually anywhere
  • Make quick edits and share without messing the formatting and content

Download Microsoft Office Mobile Free from Apple App Store

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